Mahogany Baby Advertising!

If you are an advertiser looking for a reputable vehicle to present your product to parents of Black children, consider Mahogany Baby magazine!

Mahogany Baby magazine has a heart for building families. If you have a product or service that may benefit Black families, you will be excited to learn about our target market.

Take advantage of one of the hottest prospect segments in America todaythe African-American Consumer. They are proven direct responders who have explosive buyer power, varied interests and have a growing need for products and services. In fact, this vastly under-serviced market is ripe for your offers!

Why Mahogany Baby? As the premier African-American parenting magazine, Mahogany Baby offers a unique opportunity to target a growing online population of African-American parents with significant buying power:

  • MORE THAN 10 MILLION AFRICAN-AMERICANS ARE ONLINE compared to only 36% (7.5 million) in 1999 & 23% in 1998
  • In 2003 32% of the African-American Online Community now uses broadband at home, an increase of 55% from January 2002
  • The African-American Internet population spent a total of 44 hours on the Web, initiated 42 sessions, and viewed 1,186 pages online in January 2003. In comparison, the total online population spent more than 50 hours surfing the Web, logged 52 sessions and viewed 1,444 pages last month
  • The number of African American Internet users grew by 19% from 1999 to 2000. During the same period, the overall online population grew 14%
  • Married web surfers conduct more ecommerce than single surfers
  • 10% more married surfers made an online purchase than was expected as compared to the average
  • For married surfers, six of the top ten frequented sites were family/child-oriented., had the highest composition of married surfers at 85%
  • 61% of newcomers to the Internet are women
  • African American parents are a large part of the expanding Internet population
  • 46% of African-Americans who are not online will probably or definitely go online in the future. This compares to 40% of offline whites that say they plan to go online
  • was the top online destination for African Americans with the highest concentration of African Americans with 75% of their traffic, or 892,000 unique visitors being of African American descent

“African Americans surpassing the 10 million unique visitor mark points to the continuing maturation of the online medium,” said Charles Buchwalter, vice president of client analytics, Nielsen/NetRatings. “And the emergence of strong sites with a high
concentration of African-American visitors gives marketers ample opportunities to target their messages to a qualified, growing audience.”

Source: Nielsen/NetRatings, February 26, 2003 & October 30, 2003, "African-Americans and the Internet," Pew Internet & American Life Project, October 2000; Nielsen/NetRatings, September 17, 2001


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