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Mahogany Baby is an independently-owned magazine celebrating the Black Parenting

Experience in America. In an effort to bridge the communication gap between existing parenting magazines and Black parents who are looking for a place to call their own, Mahogany Baby has been created.

We are a reader-focused publication addressing contemporary issues. Topics are diverse—Pregnancy: "Questions? Our Doctors Answer," Work: "How to Ask Your Boss for Flextime," Advice: “Does Grandma's Way Really Work?" Shopping: "The 411 on Maternity Clothes," Parenting: "The Black Dad—How Much He Really Does Help," Health: "Is My Unborn Baby At Risk for Sickle-Cell Anemia?"

We believe that parents are the experts; they ultimately make decisions that mold the lives of our children and can attest to tried and true parenting tactics. This is why many of Mahogany Baby’s contributors are our parent readers.

So readers, write (right) on!


We know that many of the mainstream magazines do not focus on the Black Parenting Experience. We also know that they do not focus on the less popular, not-so-glamorous issues that parents deal with on a daily basis. Because of this, we aim to be the voice of underrepresented Black parents who are faced with many issues unique to the Black Parenting Experience.

Mahogany Baby considers and addresses the Black Parenting Experience as the experience unique to parents whose ancestry is African American, African Caribbean, Afro Latin and all those in between.