The Birth Miracle
Adrienne Lance Lucas Penned A Book To Help Explain Life To Her Son

When then-five-year-old son, Keno, began asking his mother, Adrienne Lance Lucas, “where he came from,” Lance Lucas decided to put in all in writing. In the kid-friendly, self-published Before You Arrived, Lance Lucas delivers a heartwarming story using African-American characters and drawing on spiritual connections. Focusing on the tale of soon-to-be-parents awaiting the birth of their child, Before You Arrived answers the typical questions children ask when they try to understand how and why they were “once inside mommy’s tummy.”

Lance Lucas, COO of Southfield, MI-based Inheritance Capital Group, wasn’t shocked by her son’s questions, but rather intrigued. “I am never surprised at the curiosity of children but more in awe of how amazing their minds are constantly at work,” remembers Lance Lucas, who launched her own publishing company, Legacy Masterpieces Publishing. “I was prepared in the sense that the book was a natural outflow of the oral story I had been telling my son for years (without the rhyming text of course). I think it was hearing bits and pieces of my story regarding me carrying him that added to his curiosity. I kept a journal of my pregnancy and have shared excerpts with him over the years and also showed him endless baby photos of himself as well as photos while carrying him. Both were probably factors contributing to his curiosity. I truly love answering his questions and figuring out who he is while he tries to do the same with me.”

Though the book started out as a personal narrative, Lance Lucas realized she needed to share with other parents, would-be-parents, and curious kids. “This story is actually very personal and was initially intended just for my son. It is our story that was created for him but it just so happens that I am an entrepreneur and saw the opportunity to share this story with other mothers and families in a way in which I felt they would connect,” says Lance Lucas. “Although it was created for him with love and hopes that he would cherish it forever, I am happy to share it with the rest of the world.”

The result is the 24-page Before You Arrived, a family bedtime story for children ages 4 to 7. Released on May 13, 2005, it is available for purchase online at (paperback $15.99). With illustrations done by Tracy McCutchion, the images were adapted from Lance Lucas’s own personal collection of family photos. There is also spiritual imagery in the form of angels. In fact, one of the angels is particularly special to Lance Lucas. “It is my son’s great grandmother (Grandma Scott) who passed shortly before the completion of the book project,” she says. “I was concerned that my son might forget her so, in an effort to preserve her memory as one of the greatest mothers that I have known her image is documented in Before You Arrived as a testament to her strong legacy of exceptional motherhood.”

The book has proven to be a great conduit for communication between parents and their children. “I think the book opens up a wonderful dialogue between parent and child at the earliest age to let them know that they were loved and cared for long before they arrived. It helps kids to see that even while they were in the womb their parents sang to them, read to them and prayed for them which is not that different from when they are out of the womb,” explains Lance Lucas. “The book is age appropriate in its message and doesn’t go into the details of childbirth but more of what the mother is thinking and feeling while carrying her child. I express wanting to be a great mom and talk about seeking advice from those whom I considered to be my earthly angels while also incorporating the father in the process before the child arrives. The book is a model of how it can be and can be shared as a way of teaching our children how it can for them when they grow up and prepare to have their own children.”

And the feedback Lance Lucas has received has been overwhelming. “What surprises me most about the book is how universal the message really is for women and men alike as well as people of color and those who are not,” she says. “I have received ‘thanks yous’ from women who explained how they cried when they read the story to their child because it brought back the feelings of anticipation while waiting for their angel to arrive. I was surprised at how deeply this simple book moved some to tears.”

Through the experience of writing the book and interacting with other parents, Lance Lucas as discovered many things herself about parenthood—and childhood.. “Each child is different and how you communicate the message should connect with the level of that individual child’s understanding. I do not think that there is a one-size fits all approach to the subject matter,” she replies. “Each parent must decide what would work for their child. My son, now age seven, does not know the entire process [of birth] but when he asks I will communicate it to him in the most honest and appropriate way that I can.”

And she’s preparing for the next round of questions he may have. “I have started on the follow –up book entitled, Now That You Are Here,” she says. “This book is going to be co-authored with my son.” The target date for completion of the new book is Mother’s Day 2007. “[I want] I, along with my son to produce works that represent characters with people of color instead of fictitious characters in the image of dinosaurs, bears, etc.,” says Lance Lucas. “My hope is to share stories that coincide with my son’s development that will serve as a part of a documented legacy for him and age appropriate impactful life stories for other children.”